Since inception in 2012, CRAVE of Kansas City, an upscale mobile food/catering truck, took to the streets of the Kansas City, Missouri metro area, Johnson County, Kansas, and surrounding areas. CRAVE of Kansas City food truck is complete with a checker-plate aluminum kitchen including a refrigerator, freezer, cold pots, steam table, char-broil grill, flat grill, stove, and deep fryers. CRAVE of KC is a family-owned business based out of Shawnee, Kansas.


CRAVE of Kansas City's mission is to use the freshest and highest quality ingredients, combined with explicit preparation, to deliver a product that is a good value and is pleasing to the taste buds. CRAVE of KC strives to be convenient and easily accessible to all of its followers. All marinades and sauces are made from scratch.


CRAVE of Kansas City specializes in chicken fusion tacos and slow-roasted carnitas tacos. The loaded nachos are a fan favorite as well. The food truck is very popular and is a hit with foodies in the Kansas City area.


CRAVE of Kansas City is approved by both the Kansas and Missouri Health Departments and has all necessary permits. CRAVE of KC is available for corporate and private events: lunches, birthday parties, weddings, block parties, school events, graduations, etc. . . . we do them all!

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Crave of Kansas City

Food Menu

Fast food and Mexican Cuisine

Crave of KC Tacos
Crave of KC Tacos

Crave of KC Tacos, Crave of KC Menu

Crave of KC Nachos
Crave of KC Nachos

Crave of KC Nachos, Crave of KC Menu

Crave of KC Menu
Crave of KC Menu

Crave of KC Food Truck Menu, Crave of KC tacos, Crave of KC nachos, KC Food Truck Tacos


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CRAVE of Kansas City

Call (913) 406-8500


We serve lunch and dinner any day of the week throughout the day. Please inquire here to ask about booking a Crave of Kansas City food truck for your next event.

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